Apple Developing Advanced Cursor Based Functions

Submitted by lalit on October 2, 2008 - 1:44pm.

AppleInsider has got their hand on a new patent filed by Apple that explores ways to use cursor to provide additional information and usability options to the user. The patent says that it’s often useful for a user to be given an indication as to content of a target file or link, before the user clicks on the user-activatable element that will open the target. The methods used today do not generally provide any technique for providing detailed information about a target within a cursor in a manner that is responsive and dynamically controllable by the user.
Apple proposes methods for changing the appearance of the cursor to provide excerpt of the contents of the target, what applications are available to open the target, as well as meta-data or other description of the content. Similarly, a mouse over can present the user with an icon representing the type of document associated with the link. According to AppleInsider, the most useful applications are mouse-over events that cause the cursor to produce visual representations of options available for working with a file or link.
Even though, the patent talks only about the cursor and related function, these applications can be very useful in touchscreen environment also. Just image hovering you figure over content or link gives you various options for using the content differently. You can get more information about the patent on AppleInsider’s website.