Laptop Mag Speed Tests XOHM WiMAX Network in Baltimore

Submitted by lalit on October 1, 2008 - 12:32pm.

Laptop Mag tested the only fully functional XOHM (WiMAX) network in US. Sprint has launched citywide XOHM network in Baltimore and Laptop Mag’s Todd Haselton went for a test drive. Laptop Mag compared the WiMAX network speed to Verizon’s EV-DO network. The installation and setup of the XOHM card was similar to most mobile broadband ExpressCards. They tested various popular websites and the XOHM just plain blew away Verizon EV-DO.
The second test was watching video on Hulu, on EV-DO it took 13 seconds before video started and it buffered twice in one minute. On the XOHM it took 9 seconds and it never buffered. In online gaming there wasn’t much difference between the two services.
The XOHM really shined in file transfer test, Laptop Mag downloaded and uploaded a 25MB file via FTP using Filezilla. The XOHM uploaded the file almost 5 times faster at 2.4Mbps compared to EV-DO’s 0.54Mbps. In download test also XOHM was twice as fast as the EV-DO at 3.05Mbps compared to 1.43Mbps.
Cost-wise also Sprints XOHM network is better, on-the-go plan is $30 and Home Internet service is $25 per month. Whereas Verizon Wireless charges $39.99 for just 50MB data usage or $59 for 5GB data usage.
Laptop Mag says “ During our entire day of testing XOHM, we didn’t lose a connection while we were stationary, we were able to test inside Baltimore’s train station, as well as inside a few eateries downtown. While moving we dropped the connection only one time and were able to quickly reconnect.”
So basically, if you are in Baltimore XOHM is a very good option, otherwise you have to suffer with your Verizon EV-DO network. Sprint plans to expand the XOHM network to Chicago, Washington D.C., Dallas, Forth Worth, Boston, Providence and Philadelphia.