Adobe Says Flash Player for iPhone Almost Ready

Submitted by lalit on October 1, 2008 - 9:00am.

Adobe’s director of engineering said that his team is working on version of flash for the iPhone, at Flash On The Beach conference in Brighton. He added that because the iPhone is a closed system, Apple will have final say over whether the application makes its way onto the App Store. If Apple approves, the flash software will be available on App store in a very short time.
Adobe has always wanted flash on the iPhone since it was launched last year. Company’s CEO Shantanu Narayen had confirmed that their engineers were working on a version of flash for the iPhone. On the other hand Apple has always said that flash is not capable enough. Steve Jobs said in an interview that Flash Lite is not capable of being used with the web and the regular version is a processor hog and can’t be used on handheld devices.
But many iPhone users have asked for flash support as many websites use flash animation or video, and some are made completely using flash. The best thing for the user will be if Adobe is able to design flash for iPhone that is similar in functionality to the regular version, but doesn’t suck up processing power and battery like the regular flash version. And, yes Apple approves it.