Review Roundup: Apple iPod nano (2010)

Submitted by lalit on September 29, 2010 - 10:09am.

Apple introduced the redesigned iPod nano featuring a 1.54-inch touchscreen earlier this month. The new iPod nano is half the size and weight of the previous generation and comes with built-in clip, making it instantly wearable. However, to decrease size Apple has removed some important features like camcorder, video playback, microphone and speaker. Basically, Apple has focused only on music playback feature of the iPod nano. It now comes in six colors including silver, graphite, blue, green, orange and pink priced $149 for 8GB model and $179 for 16GB model.

Reviewers have very divided opinions when it comes to the new iPod nano. PC Mag’s Tim Gideon wrote in the review “Apple's first misstep in the iPod nano line-up, the sixth-generation model trades its predecessor's click wheel for touch-screen controls. But an ultracompact form factor means the display is much smaller. Plus you lose video capture and playback capability, but it retains the same price.”

On the other hand, Peter Ha of Techland wrote in his review “While the previous nano tried to do too much, the current generation nano is focused on one thing and one thing only - music. The 8GB and 16GB models are priced at $149 and $179, respectively, which isn't the cheapest available option to replace should you lose it but its small stature and intuitive UI make it stand out from the rest.”

Overall, we think iPod nano is a nice little music player with attractive design and simple UI, but costly for features it offers. Below we have added links to eight best iPod nano reviews available online: