Rumor: Nikon Planning to Launch Nikon MX, 40.7-Megapixel Medium Format Digital SLR in 2009

Submitted by lalit on September 29, 2008 - 10:18am.

Till now only few camera makers like Hasselblad were in medium format digital cameras business. But, it seems that will change soon. Last week, Leica announced that they will launch S2, a 37-megapixel medium format digital SLR. And now, SlashGear is reporting a rumor that Nikon will launch its 40.7-megapixel medium format digital SLR in February 2009 at Wedding & Portrait Photographer International expo (WPPI).
A picture teaser for WPPI 2009 says “ Something big is coming to WPPI this year. Something so big we can’t even tell you what it is. How big? Big enough for WPPI and Nikon to reserve the world-class MGM Grand Arena! You can’t afford to miss what WPPI and Nikon have in store for February 2009. We really shouldn’t say anymore, but we will. Next Month!”
 It has been rumored for quite sometime that Nikon is working on a medium format digital camera. Additional, recent Nikon lenses have been purposefully over-provisioned with larger image circle than needed for 24” x 36” image sensor. According to SlashGear, these lenses will be useful for both current Nikon camera and the medium format MX DSLR that will have bigger image sensor. We will definitely get more information before the February event via leaked information and images, so stay tuned.