MacBook Pro Exhaust May Contain Toxic Fumes

Submitted by lalit on September 29, 2008 - 5:49pm.

A French website MacBidouille is reporting that Analytika Labs has done testing, using multiple sensors, over a period of eight days on MacBook Pro. The lab collected the air circulated and exhausted by cooling fans in MacBook Pro. By doing gas chromatography and mass spectrometry on the air sample the lab found out that the exhaust air contained propanal, benzene, ethanone, isobenzofurandione, propanone and acetic acid. Most of the chemicals mentioned are considered irritants, but benzene has been found to elevate cancer probability in workers exposed to just 10 parts per million, according to the American Cancer Society.
The Analytika lab didn’t provide any details about what quantity of chemicals were present in the exhausted air. And without knowing the exact quantities of each chemical, an accurate assessment of health risks cannot be made. An anonymous Mac user, who experienced considerable irritation of his eyes, nose, and larynx after just 10 days of exposure, approached the lab. He said Apple initially tried to fix the notebook, but the smell did not subside, even after a replacement notebook was issued.
Greenpeace, the activist group known for their environmental campaigns targeting Apple referred the man to Analytika. The lab is known for their involvement in various high profile environmental issues. The company advertises its analysis services for the purposes of respecting the environment and quality control.
We understand that both Greenpeace and Analytika are working for betterment of environment. But, we don’t understand why they can’t do and release complete details of the amount of chemicals found in the air from MacBook Pro. This makes us suspicious that these groups are doing this just to get attention and advertisement.
[Via Macnn]