Bose Enters TV Market with VideoWave Entertainment System

Submitted by lalit on September 28, 2010 - 9:14pm.

Bose today announced the new VideoWave entertainment system that combines 1080p HD display with surround sound system featuring integrated speakers in TV panel.  According to Bose, “This single, integrated system eliminates a roomful of speakers, wires and complexity. And notable advances in simplicity make it our easiest system ever.

Bose is focusing on home theater performance and simplicity of the setup, UI and the new click pad remote. The company doesn’t give any details about the 46-inch display except that its 1080p and visually vibrant.

On the home theater side, the VideoWave system has built-in six woofers with waveguide technology and seven speakers with PhaseGuide and array technologies, which allows the system to guide sound waves for best acoustic details and spaciousness throughout the room. The system also includes ADAPTiQ audio calibration system that recognizes room size, shape, even furniture and automatically adjusts the sound.

The remote and UI are the second big feature of the VideoWave system. The set top box with the system features Unify intelligent integration system, which can control anything from DVR to your iPod. Sources like Blu-ray, cable box, video game system and iPod connect to the system via the box and are controlled by click pad remote.

The remote has buttons for things you do most, like adjust volume or change channels along with an easy to use click pad. Just touch the pad with your thumb, glide around and click to make a selection. Anything you can control appears right on your HD screen, displayed alongside whatever you're watching. You'll never have to look away from the screen or fumble around for a button.

The Bose VideoWave system will be available exclusively in Bose stores starting October 14, priced $5,349, which will include delivery and setup in your home. You can get more information about VideoWave on Bose’s website. Also checkout the two videos below showing the UI/remote demo and system design.