Analysts Still Confused About Apple’s iPhone Plans

Submitted by lalit on September 26, 2011 - 12:15pm.

Analysts are fighting over what iPhone model Apple will release, whether it will be iPhone 5 with new design, iPhone 4S with no design change or both. Today two analysts released their research notes for upcoming iPhone event and both had differing views about the upcoming event.

Analyst Chris Whitmore with Deutsche Bank claims that Apple will release “iPhone 4S” that will have bill-of-material around $150, allowing Apple to sell it for between $300 and $350 without a carrier subsidy. He also says that Apple will have a second so-called “iPhone 5” featuring an aluminum back, better camera and slightly larger screen.

While on the other hand, Wedge Partners’ analyst Brain Blair claims that Apple’s fifth gen iPhone will be an incremental update with no major redesign. It will get faster A5 processor, higher 8-megpixel camera and larger screen, but nothing more.

As always we believe that the analysts have no information about what Apple is planning to announce and are republishing whatever they read on blogs as their research note. Frankly, this is the first time that we (or for the matter anyone else) have no information about next gen iPhone except from all the case rumors. Apple has kept a very tight lid on all details related to next generation iPhone, which is an indication that it’s going to be a very big launch.