Fujifilm Announces Newly Developed FinePix Real 3D System

Submitted by lalit on September 23, 2008 - 10:48pm.

Fujifilm today showcased a completely new, real image system that includes 3D digital camera, 3D digital photo frame and 3D print. The 3D digital camera has two lenses, spaced like the human eyes and a new chip called ‘Real Photo Processor 3D’. The new image chip synchronizes the data passed to it by both sensors present behind the two lenses, and instantaneously blends the information into a single high quality image for both stills and movies. The two lenses are developed by Fujifilm for the 3D system to ensure complete conformity between the left and right images. The LCD screen on the camera has also been revised. It is fitted with a 2.8-inch with 230,000 pixels that is designed to minimize screen flickering and image deterioration in 3D images. The camera screen can also display 2D images.
The second part of the FinePix Real 3D system is the new 8.4-inch, “FinePix Real 3D Photo Frame” with 920,000 pixels. The LCD on the photo frame is also designed using the same technology used for LCD screen on the camera. To further improve the viewing experience Fujifilm has developed “light direction control module” that controls the light emitted from the LCD to right eye and left eye of the viewer resulting in high quality 3D Viewing without special 3D glasses.
The last part of the FinePix Real 3D system is printing of 3D images. Fujifilm has developed a 3D printing system using a fine pitch lenticular sheet giving high precision, and fine quality multiple viewpoint 3D like never before. Fujifilm believes that the new Real 3D System will revolutionize the way consumers enjoy imaging and will help develop new products that will give richer imaging experience.
[Via DP Review]