Carriers Start Testing New iOS 5 Features, And Apple to Use New Thinner, Lighter Battery in iPad 3

Submitted by lalit on September 7, 2011 - 8:19am.

Apple’s carrier partners have started internal testing and training of iOS 5 in preparation for launch of the new Apple mobile OS along with next generation iPhone 5. 9to5mac is reporting that the training is similar to what occurred soon before last year’s iOS 4 launch alongside the iPhone 4, and uses materials developed with Apple’s help including videos and documents describing the new features of the OS.

Some of the main features that Apple’s carrier partners are testing in iOS 5 include iCloud integration, FaceTime over 3G and speech-to-text. Apple is promoting iCloud and iOS 5 as integrated products, as many of the new iOS features are based on iCloud service and vice versa. For FaceTime over 3G Apple is working with carriers to make sure that FaceTime is as easy and seamless over 3G network as it is on WiFi. As for the speech-to-text features 9to5mac posted:

According to a source testing the feature, it works almost identically (video below) to the Android operating system’s speech-to-text feature. It’s also very polished, quick, and accurate said the source – which is obvious for being an Apple product but also is indicative of the product being nearly complete.

In other Apple related news, CENS is reporting that Apple will use a new battery in iPad 3 that is thinner, lighter, but will cost 20-30% more. Battery is on of the heaviest component of the iPad and any decrease in battery weight will be welcomed, as it will further increase portability of the device. Simplo and Dynapack will start supplying the new battery for iPad 3 by end of Q4 2011 with mass production starting in Q1 2012.