ChangeWave Survey: Apple iPhone Continues to Show Considerable Momentum

Submitted by lalit on August 27, 2008 - 12:03pm.

In a recent survey done by ChangeWave to gauge IT spending for smartphones, the company found that Research In Motion continued to overshadow its two main competitors in terms of planned 4th quarter purchases with 79% of respondents planning to buy RIM’s smartphones. But that was down 3-points from high it registered in May. Additionally Apple continued to show considerable momentum in terms of corporate planned purchases – up 4-points from May. In a survey done by the company for consumer smartphones, they found that RIM had a weaker visibility and the iPhone 3G had huge demand.
In another positive for Apple, 19% reported that release of the 3G iPhone has made their company more likely to purchase Apple products in the future. The survey shows that presently RIM appears to be confronted with visibility issues on both the consumer and corporate fronts. While iPhone is beginning to gain real traction in the corporate market, along with its well-established reputation in consumer market.