Microsoft’s New “BlueTrack” Mouse Tracking Technology Revealed

Submitted by lalit on August 27, 2008 - 2:14pm.

Today Morning, when Microsoft sent a teaser “Say Goodbye to Laser” on 9.9.08, we said that if Microsoft follows its regular pattern, we will know about the event or technology that Microsoft will reveal at the event before September 9th. Well our statement came true with in hours. has posted MS Explorer Mini Mouse with “BlueTrack” technology for notebooks. BlueTrack is the revolutionary new technology that Microsoft will reveal at the event on September 9th.
The technology uses a new optical sensor Blue Specular, born from a combination of Blue LED and lens with wide angle. BlueTrack technology allows the mouse to function perfectly on surfaces such as granite, wood and carpet, on which neither optical nor laser mice worked. The radius of the tracker on mouse equipped with BlueTrack technology is four times larger that previous technologies allowing it to track movement better on any surface. An Italian website is showing the price of the new mouse as Euro 90 ($132).