Orange Denies Paying Actors To Queue-Up For iPhone Launch in Poland

Submitted by lalit on August 26, 2008 - 1:45pm.

Reuter had reported – citing an unnamed Orange employee that the firm was paying people to stand outside of its stores. Orange today said that the report weren’t true.
The story about Orange hiring people to stand in like to create excitement about the iPhone was widely reported by various new agencies and blogs after the iPhone was launched last Friday. It was also reported that iPhones sales were slow in Poland.
However, an Orange official wrote in an e-mail response to queries from Ad Age today that this was not the case, and included a statement “in response to the rumors in the polish press.”
“As part of the excitement around the launch of the iPhone, some of our team have been joining customers outside our shops. Their aim is to welcome people to the Orange shop, share in their excitement and give information about Orange tariffs,” wrote a spokeswoman from parent France Telecom Group, which owns the Orange brand. The spokeswoman further added that the sales of the iPhone were strong and the company was very happy.
Basically the Orange employees were not queuing up but were helping/guiding new customers and they were not actors. What I don’t understand is whether it was simply a result of inaccurate coverage or a try to give negative impression about iPhone demand.