iPhone 3G has Outsold First Generation iPhone in Just 7 Weeks

Submitted by lalit on August 26, 2008 - 7:21pm.

Michael Arrington has posted on TechCrunch that “some time in the next week more than 6 million iPhone 3Gs will be in people’s hands around the world.” He believes Apple might already have crossed the mark after the launch of the iPhone 3G in 20 more countries on August 22nd. Michael bases his assumption on the report that Foxconn is building iPhones for Apple at the rate of 800,000 units per week. BusinessWeek has also reported that Apple is making 150,000 iPhone per day. If the number is true, Apple will ship more than 40 million iPhone 3Gs in first 12 months compared to around 6 million original iPhones sold by Apple in first year. In fact, Apple has sold more than 6 million iPhone 3Gs in first 7 weeks.
The iPhone 3G has already become the fastest selling mobile handset when it reached one million mark in less than three days after launch. If iPhone sales continues at this pace by summer of 2009, iPhone would become single most sold smartphone ever and one of the biggest mobile platform for developers.