3G Antenna Test Reveals iPhone 3G Reception Completely Normal

Submitted by lalit on August 25, 2008 - 10:56am.

The Gothenburg Post took the new iPhone 3G and tested its 3G antennas. The post used a Bluetest’s test chamber for wireless devices with small antennas to test the iPhone reception. The equipment measures how the mobile sends and receives signals under different conditions. These chambers are used by many companies to test their mobile devices.
Magnus Franzen, an antenna engineer with the company did the tests on the iPhone. First he tested the TRP value—in which mobile is ordered to radiate at full power at three different frequencies. Then the TIS value was tested. Here the test measures the mobile’s performance in receiving signals. Magnus said after the tests were done that the values were completely normal for the iPhone.
They further compared the results found on the iPhone with Sony Ericsson P1 and Nokia N73. The P1 was little better at receiving signals and the N73 was a little better at transmitting signals. According to Magnus the difference was small between iPhone and the two devices at around 2 dB. Mats Anderson, CEO of Bluetest said, “It is not much. At a difference of 4-6 dB one might start to wonder it there is anything wrong.”
[Via Gothenburg Post]