Sony Unveils S-AIRPLAY Wireless Multi-room Audio System For iPod

Submitted by lalit on August 24, 2008 - 9:05am.

Sony announced a new wireless, multi-room audio system with iPod support. The new S-AIRPLAY system uses Sony’s S-Air technology, which provides a wireless multi-room solution without complicated set-up requirements. Wireless audio is transmitted through the system’s main dock in one room to the S-Air speakers plugged in power outlet in various rooms with in range of 164 feet. 
The S-AIRPLAY system comes with one docking station and two S-Air wireless speakers, but the system can support up to 10 speakers simultaneously. Along with iPod support the docking station also has AM/FM radio tuner. This allows listeners in one room to hear their favorite radio station, while listeners in another room can enjoy music from the iPod at the same time.
The S-Air wireless speakers include remote control capability so you can advance or go back to previously played songs without going near the docking station. The speakers also incorporate sleep timers and an alarm clock function, making them perfect for bedside placement. The S-AIRPLAY will ship in September for $400 and additional S-Air wireless speakers can be bought for $130 each.