More iTunes 9 Screenshots Leaked

Submitted by lalit on August 19, 2009 - 7:36pm.

Last week, we reported that iTunes 9 would add support for, Facebook and Twitter. Today, BGR has posted some more screenshots of upcoming iTunes version 9.0b15. The features shown in the screenshots include DVD playback, third party device support and Facebook integration. iTunes will allow users to create a new playlist and then share it on Facebook. The shared playlist will appear on the Facebook with iTunes link.

Third party device sync is one area we think Apple will not support. The company has clearly shown disinterest in supporting iTunes sync with third party device after Palm hacked iTunes support for Pre.  The third party device support makes these screenshots look fake.

Our sources say social networking will be part of iTunes 9 and Apple will launch iTunes 9 on September 9th at the press event.