Blogosphere Goes Bonkers With Apple Tablet Rumors

Submitted by lalit on August 14, 2009 - 7:54pm.

For past few months the flow of Apple tablet related rumors has been pretty steady about 1 or 2 rumors per week, but in last 48 hours the blogosphere has gone bonkers with Apple tablet rumors. Every other website or analyst is claiming that some source has provided them information about the new device and Apple’s plans for launching the new device.

Brain Lam of Gizmodo was one of the first bloggers to post about the latest Apple tablet rumors. He said a reliable source of his has held mock-ups of 10-inch screen device, which is like a giant iPhone with black back. The device will come in two editions, one with webcam and one for educational use, and it will cost $700 to $900. Lam further added that the project was in development for about four to six years but the first prototype was built in 2008. He expects that the device will be released this holiday season.

AppleInsider published the same rumor from Gizmodo, but maintained that the device will not be available until early 2010, which they had reported earlier. AppleInsider also posted two videos from YouTube (posted below) that claimed to be of a development kit for Apple tablet. However, even AppleInsider believes that those video are not true and noted that they were included for “discussion purposes only”.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball said on his blog “I’m almost certain there’s no tablet coming this year. It’s a 2010 thing.” Further The Loop posted “Very reliable sources familiar with the product have said speculation of the tablet being introduced during the September event are flat out wrong. The Apple tablet, they said, would not see the light of day until the first part of 2010.”

The Apple tablet fight was 3 to 1, but then the news came that Apple is shooting a commercial for an unreleased product at a diner in Truckee. Which suggested that the unreleased product might be new iPods or the rumored Apple tablet. If Apple is shooting the commercial for Apple tablet the device will be released soon, because Apple won’t shoot a commercial six months in advance for a product they might release in 2010.

After hearing all these rumors we contacted our sources, and they were also not sure about the release date for Apple tablet. In fact two of our sources said its coming in September, one said its coming in November and other two said its coming in first quarter of 2010. One thing they all agreed on was that inside Apple also there is confusion about planned launch date for the new tablet. It looks like it’s just Steve and few top ranking people at Apple who really know when we will see the Apple iTablet (or whatever they will call it).