Review Roundup: Apple MacBook Air 11-inch (Mid-2011)

Submitted by lalit on August 11, 2011 - 1:59pm.

Apple updated the MacBook Air lineup with second-generation Intel Core i5/i7 processors, Thunderbolt port, backlit keyboard and Mac OS X Lion in July. The 11-inch MacBook Air models got the most performance boost from this update offering over 2.5x performance improvement over previous generation model. The 1.6 GHz 11-inch MacBook Air is available in two models, one with 2GB of memory and 64GB of flash storage for a suggested retail price of $999, and one with 4GB of memory and 128GB of flash storage for $1,199. Configure-to-order options available are 1.8GHz Core i7 processor ($150) and 256GB Storage ($300) for the top-of-the-line model.

Reviews of the new 11-inch MacBook Air have been very positive with reviewers calling it the first 11-inch full powered laptop. Jason Snell wrote in his review “But while the 11-inch Air is small and light, it doesn’t feel cramped. Part of that is due to the high-resolution display, which packs a lot of pixels into its compact 11.6-inch diagonal screen. Throw in Lion's Mission Control and full-screen mode, which are designed to help maximize productivity on small screens, and even this tiny Mac is capable of large amounts of productivity.”

Overall, 11-inch MacBook Air is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a powerful ultra- thin and light laptop you can’t go wrong with the Air. Below we have posted links to 12 best 11-inch MacBook Air reviews available online: