Best Buy Lists Zune HD's Pricing and Release Date

Submitted by lalit on August 10, 2009 - 7:56pm.

Gizmodo has posted images of Best Buy inventory system that shows the price and release date for upcoming Zune HD media player. The 16GB model is listed for $220 and the 32GB model is listed for $290. According to the inventory system, Zune HD will be in stock from September 8th.

When compared to iPod touch, which is priced $299 for 16GB and $399 for 32GB, pricing for Zune HD looks really cheap. However, as always Apple will update its iPod lineup for holiday season around the same time (first or second week of September) and we will most likely see lower priced 16GB and 32GB iPod touch models.

In another Zune HD related news Engadget has posted pictures of Zune HD’s browser and keyboard in action. The pictures were taken by Yahoo! Tech and shows the keyboard that has bubble effect when you type and full screen web browser. As mentioned above we all will see the device in action starting September 8th.