Review Roundup: Apple Magic TrackPad

Submitted by lalit on August 9, 2010 - 4:46pm.

Last month Apple introduced new multitouch Magic Trackpad with a smooth glass and aluminum design that gives desktop users the same intuitive multitouch gestures that Mac notebook customers have come to love. With its glass surface, the wireless Magic Trackpad enables users to scroll smoothly up and down a page with inertial scrolling, pinch to zoom in and out, rotate an image with their fingertips and swipe three fingers to flip through a collection of web pages or photos.

Reviewers of the $69 Magic TrackPad have called the new peripheral well designed and easy to use, but costly. Dwight Silverman of TechBlog wrote in his review “While I don't think the Magic TrackPad is going to make me give up my mouse for good, it is an impressive and useful device. Some people will prefer it over a mouse, and if you like trackpads, you should definitely give it a try. At $69, it's a bit pricey, but if it wins you over, it will be worth it.” And we totally agree with his conclusion.

Below we have added links of six best Magic TrackPad reviews: