LG Introduces LW980S (LW9800) HDTV with NANO LED Backlit

Submitted by lalit on August 2, 2011 - 12:32pm.

LG today introduced its top-of-the-line HDTV LW980S (LW9800 in US) featuring CINEMA 3D technology, Smart TV functions and NANO FULL LED backlit.

"The LW980S is the crown jewel of TVs as it includes the most advanced technologies and features we've developed at LG over the years," said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. "We've set a new benchmark in connectivity, picture quality and sheer viewing enjoyment."

The LW980S has unique NANO FULL LED lighting technology that uses extremely thin film printed with minuscule dots, NANO FULL LED disperses light more evenly across the screen, to create brighter, clearer and smoother pictures.

LG claims that LW980S is world’s first flicker free 3D TV. It uses CINEMA 3D technology that received “Flicker-Free" certification from TÜV and Intertek, two of Europe's most reputable testing agencies, means that viewers no longer have to worry about the dizziness or disorientation they might experience watching other 3D TVs.

LG's LW980S will be shown to international audiences for the first time at Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA Berlin), the global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances taking place from September 2-7 in Germany. No word on launch date or pricing yet.