Garmin to Delay Nuvifone Launch Until First Half of 2009

Submitted by lalit on July 30, 2008 - 3:36pm.

Garmin today announced a record second quarter with total revenue of $912 million. The company also said that the Nuvifone would not be available in fourth quarter as previously announced. Garmin blamed the delay on carrier specific requirements that are taking longer to comply. The company added that they were pleased by carrier interest in the device and are working toward making necessary design changes to meet their requirements. Garmin anticipates launching the Nuvifone in first half of 2009. Along with Nokia’s Tube and BlackBerry Thunder, the Nuvifone was also considered an iPhone competitor as it had full navigation support and many other features matching the iPhone. But a delay of almost one year might be too late for Garmin because by then Apple will be releasing the third generation of the iPhone and other cellphone makers would have perfected the navigation software which was the main feature of the Nuvifone.