Mac Hardware-wise Next Few Weeks will be Very Exciting

Submitted by lalit on July 19, 2011 - 12:56pm.

With Apple about to report stellar quarterly results and OS Lion all set to launch tomorrow. Many of our sources are saying that this is just the beginning and next few weeks will bring many exciting Mac related news.

The Mac hardware parade will start with launch of MacBook Air this week (as early as this Wednesday). It was rumored earlier that the new MacBook Air would be released on July 14th, but as Wall Street Journal points out “The rumor sites were off by a week”. The new MacBook Airs will come this week with Sandy Bridge processor, minimum 128GB SSD, Thunderbolt port and 4GB RAM as standard. Prices will remain same as before.

Following MacBook Air will be the white MacBook, part numbers of the new laptop have already been leaked indicating the imminent launch. Our sources say that it will feature Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, Thunderbolt port and 320GB hard drive. The new laptop will be launched with in next two weeks, but it’s very likely that we will see the new white MacBook launched along with new MacBook Air this week.

Next in line is Mac mini and like the white MacBook, the new mini will also get Core i5 processor, Thunderbolt port and 4GB RAM. It will be launched along side the MacBook.

And finally the Mac Pro, there are rumors that Mac Pro will be updated by end of this month or early next month, we believe it will be launched sooner rather than later. Mac Pro will see a complete redesign and feature new Sandy Bridge Xeon processors, up to 64GB RAM, Thunderbolt port and new AMD graphics options.

Images of new Cinema Display featuring Thunderbolt port have already been leaked indicating that we will see the new display soon along with the new Mac Pros. If you are planning to buy new Mac hardware it will be wise to wait. Almost all the Mac systems except MacBook Pro and iMac will be upgraded and will offer much better features for the same price.