Jawbone Unveils “Up” a Wristband Designed to Encourage Health and Wellness

Submitted by lalit on July 13, 2011 - 6:23pm.

Jawbone, a company known for their Bluetooth headsets today unveiled their first non audio product called “Up”, which is a wristband designed to encourage heath and wellness. The wristband contains sensors that track you activities and collect data. It tracks your eating, sleeping and movements throughout the day. This data is then sent to a complementary smartphone app.

Jawbone’s CEO told Wired “Up is a total system that encompasses hardware and software to help attack this bigger problem that we see around health and wellness and utilizing all the things we’re good at and making really really good technology smaller… combining that with fashionable, wearable design and integrating that into a social, connected experience.”

With the help of smartphone app, Up delivers up-to-date, personalized data on a regular basis to track patterns and get feedback on improving workouts, eating habits and sleep patterns. Jawbone has been developing the Up accessory for past two year. The company plans to ship the product by end of this year. No word on price yet.
[Via Wired]