New MacBook Airs with OS X Lion Coming in Mid-July

Submitted by lalit on June 29, 2011 - 7:22am.

9to5mac is reporting, “Apple is gearing up to launch their upgraded line of ultra thin notebooks in mid-July.” The update will coincide with OS X Lion launch and will bring almost no exterior design changes. However, internally the new MacBook Air will adopt Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors along with Thunderbolt port.

According to 9to5mac, MacBook Air will get the recently announced Core i5-2557M (1.7GHz), Core i7 2637M (1.7GHZ) and Core i7-2677M (1.8GHz) processors that have 17W TDP. But our sources say that we should be prepared for a surprise when it comes to 13-inch model as it might use the faster 2.10GHz Core i7-2629M and 2.30GHz Core i7-2649M processors that have higher 25W TDP.

As we explained few weeks back, Apple will be able to achieve this in ultrathin MacBook Air design because the new Core i7-2629M processor will not only replace the old Core 2 Duo processor (17W TDP), but also the NVIDIA 320M graphics chip that has around 12-15W TDP. And if Apple does that it will make the new 13-inch MacBook Air one hell of a system especially at $1,299 price point.