Top of The Line iMac Featuring SSD is The Fastest Mac Available

Submitted by lalit on June 20, 2011 - 9:50am.

Apple has started shipping build-to-order new iMac featuring 3.4GHz Core i7 processor and 256GB SSD drive. Macworld got their hands on the iMac and put it though its paces. James Galbraith of Macworld says with the SSD the 27-inch 3.4GHz Core i7 iMac “was simple on fire – figuratively – besting the previous Speedmark 6.5 performance record holder in 14 of the 17 individual tasks that make up our test suite.” The previous Speedmark 6.5 record holder was Mac Pro featuring 3.33GHz Xeon six-core processor and 8GB of RAM with regular hard drive.

However, new iMac wasn’t faster at everything, three tasks that it lagged behind were Handbrake test, Cinebench and MathematicaMark. These are all processor intensive tasks and the 6-core Mac Pro is still faster by 13% in Handbrake, 21% in CineBench CPU and 28% in MathematicaMark.

When comparing results of the 3.4GHz Core i7 iMac with or without SSD, Macworld found that iMac with SSD was 18 percent faster overall. Which would mean that SSD alone is giving an 18% percent boost in performance. Macworld has posted detailed results with individual application test results.

Also, Macrumors has posted a video on YouTube highlighting how faster the 3.4GHz iMac with SSD is in real life use. In the video, the user launches all the applications including heavy weights like Garageband, iMovie, and iPhoto together and all the applications are up and running in less than 20 seconds.