Next Generation iPhone in Final Testing Stage

Submitted by lalit on June 13, 2011 - 8:18am.

9to5mac is reporting that a previously accurate Apple source has told them some interesting new information about upcoming iPhone update. The website posted:

  • The next generation iPhone has reached the final testing stage (aka “AP” stage [Thanks, Chronic!]) and is now being carried around by high level Apple and carrier executives.
  • Although this has been assumed since the no-iPhone-at-WWDC-rumors broke, the current plan is for a September launch for the next-generation iPhone.
  • Apple and Verizon have yet to strike a deal regarding FaceTime over 3G for the Verizon network. Keep in mind that 3G and 4G aren’t the same thing. < Don’t read into that too much. Or maybe do.
  • Apple and Verizon are still working out kinks regarding support for iOS 5′s over-the-air updates, which we broke the news about, so carrier support may or may not be delayed past fall 2011.

9to5mac further adds that according to their checks of iOS 5 SDK, next generation iPhone will be just upgraded iPhone 4 with A5 processor, it will have same design and 5-megapixel camera.

Sometimes, 9to5mac has been right about Apple product launches in past, but our sources said that they are wrong this time. First the final testing stage started in April end with plans for test production runs in June, which have already started. Also, Apple won’t mix the September iPod event with iPhone event, as they want to have an iPhone exclusive event. This would mean that either iPhone announcement will come sooner (as our sources say) or iPod announcement will be pushed back.

We have not information about what is going on between the carriers and Apple, so we can’t say if FaceTime will work on 3G network or not. However, we are sure that next gen iPhone will see some design changes. Internal hardware, antenna design and both the cameras will be updated.
In other iPhone related rumor, Chronic Wire has posted a Tweet that says:
Unlocked iPhone headed to Apple Stores for Wednesday: MC603 (16GB, Black) MC604 (16GB, White) MC605 (32GB, Black) MC606 (32GB, White)

This is an interesting development because it shows that Apple plans to keep the iPhone 4 as one of the main iOS product even after launch of next generation iPhone 4S/5.