Is This Back Cover of Next Generation iPhone?

Submitted by lalit on May 29, 2012 - 9:46am.

9to5mac has received an image from iPhone repair website iFixyouri that could be the back cover next generation iPhone. iFixyouri claims that this new part just entered their catalog and is supplied by a reliable Chinese parts supplier, who are actually selling this part as next generation iPhone back cover. Seth Weintraub wrote on 9to5mac:

From what we can see, the part does follow a lot of the rumors and speculation. For instance, you can see the smaller dock connector at the bottom and it appears thinner overall. We’re told that the extra space on the bottom is used by Apple to enhance the speakers which will be louder and of a higher quality than the current iPhone. The supplier says the back plate is one piece anchored by an aluminium alloy (not liquidmetal).

Interestingly, the supplier also told iFixyouri that black and white wouldn’t be the only two colors this year. There were at least two other colors of back plate seen which obviously might not make it into production if these parts are indeed real. Normally we’d scoff at such a notion but these same parts suppliers were the first to deliver the news that the iPad would come in white.

If the part shown in the image is real then this is an interesting development, because we usually see leaked images of major parts for upcoming Apple products 3-6 weeks before actual product is shipped or announced. For example, we saw the new iPad back cover with bigger camera hole in February and Apple shipped the new iPad in March.