iPhone to get 32GB Storage, 3.2-Megapixel Camera and OLED Touchscreen

Submitted by lalit on May 19, 2009 - 9:33pm.

AppleiPhoneapps.com is reporting that a source close to Apple’s hardware development team has provided them with detailed information on the specs and release date of the next generation iPhone. The website adds that they can neither confirm nor deny the rumors, but it checked the credentials of the source to the best of their ability.

The next generation iPhone will double the storage capacity to 16GB and 32GB from 8GB and 16GB on present generation iPhone. The new iPhone will get 3.2-megapixel camera that will take much better and clearer pictures. The phone will also get OLED screen that will not only improve image quality, but also battery life by up to 1.5 times. The iPhone will have double the RAM and processing power along with built-in FM transmitter and compass.

On the software side, next gen iPhone will include video recording and editing capabilities along with ability to send video by MMS. Apple will also include a revolutionary application that will combine camera, GPS, compass, orientation sensor and Google Maps to identify a building or location you have taken a picture of. The application will then provide more details about the building or location surrounding the building by using sources like Google Maps and Wikipedia. Though, unbelievable this feature can definitely make iPhone the device to have. And, yes the next gen iPhone will support turn-by-turn navigation.

Like the hardware and software, the external design of the iPhone will also see some changes. The chrome band around the edge of the device will go away and the back will be treaded rubber type rather than smooth plastic. According to the source, the iPhone will be sleeker and the Apple logo on the back will be illuminated like the notebook line, which is bit odd, as it will decrease battery life.

The next gen iPhone will be released on 17th July at the same price points of $199 and $299.

After reading the above rumors we contacted our sources and they said most of the things like the higher memory capacity, more RAM, faster processor and increase in battery life are correct. But they were not so sure about illuminated Apple logo and FM transmitter. They however, confirmed that Apple would show the next gen iPhone at WWDC 2009 keynote in June and ship it sometime in July. One thing we hope Apple would add to next gen iPhone is that revolutionary application, which combines the camera, GPS, compass and Google Maps to giving information about various locations.