Microsoft Starts Misleading “Do the Math” Campaign Against Mac

Submitted by lalit on May 5, 2011 - 12:09pm.

Microsoft has started a new marketing campaign to steer buyers away from Macs by claiming that Macs are always costlier than Windows. The website says, “Surf the web or surf Hawaii. When you buy a PC this summer, you’ll have tons of cash left over to spend on other things.” The website then allows the users to select and compare Mac computers to Windows. However, as always the comparison is not Apples to apples. Lets debunk the 'PCs are cheap' myth that Microsoft is trying to create one by one:

MacBook 13 Comparison: Microsoft compares white MacBook to Asus U30JC, Samsung Q320 and HP DM4. Let me just say it straight that this is the only comparison where a Mac looks costly and outdated. However, it is well known that Apple is going to update the white MacBook within a month. And the new MacBook will feature latest Core i5 processor, more RAM and better graphics. That will make the MacBook not only better than the three systems shown here but also better than most $1,000 systems available.

MacBook Air 11 Comparison: Seriously, Microsoft is comparing MacBook Air 11 to a netbook, The Core 2 Duo processor on Air costs ($259) as much as the netbook itself. On average, 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor is 6-8 times faster than Atom N455 and AMD E-Series processors. Add SSD to the mix and you get a system that starts in less than 20 seconds and runs faster than most mid-range systems available.

MacBook Air 13 Comparison: For the 13-inch Air model, Microsoft uses HP Pavilion DM3 and Samsung 900 X 3A to show the price difference. The HP Pavilion DM3 uses regular hard drive, an Intel Pentium processor and a very low quality display. Should it be compared with MacBook Air featuring Core 2 Duo processor, 128GB SSD and a high end LCD screen. As for Samsung 900 X 3A, $899 is the starting price of the 900 series. The system that Microsoft showcases in available on Amazon for $1,599.

MacBook Pro 13 Comparison: Microsoft compares the lower end MacBook Pro to Samsung QX410 and Sony S series. The Samsung laptop is using last generation processor and weighs half pound more. The Sony S series is a real nice system with hardware features to match the MacBook Pro, but when it comes to build quality and real world battery life its nowhere near the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro 15 Comparison: Microsoft is comparing entry-level 15-inch laptops featuring last generation dual-core processors to top-of-the–line Mac laptop featuring quad-core processor, weighing just 5.6 pounds and offering 7 hours of real world battery life. For example, when it comes to battery life, Dell XPS 15 that claims 9 hours of battery life only lasts for 3-4 hours in real world use.

MacBook Pro 17 Comparison: Again the same story, just see the weigh of the systems Microsoft has highlighted in the comparison. HP Envy 17 7.37 lbs, HP DV7 8lbs and Asus K72DR-A1 7.2 lbs compared to 6.6 lbs of MacBook Pro, even though it is made out of solid aluminum. Also each of the systems used in comparison is using last generation or lower end processor.

iMac 21.5 Comparison: Microsoft compares the iMac to Sony Vaio J, HP Touchsmart 300-1000 and HP All-in-One 200-5250. The systems have 20- or 21-inch screen, but as always Apple is using high-end IPS panel, whereas all the other systems are using lower-end TN LCD panels. When it comes to processor Apple is again using the latest quad-core 2.5GHz Core i5 processor, compared to entry-level and last generation processors used by Sony and HP.

iMac 27 Comparison: Is Microsoft comparing a 27-inch iMac to computers with 23-inch screen. In fact, price of a good IPS 27-inch standalone monitor is usual more than the price of Acer Aspire Touch desktop that Microsoft is using in this comparison. And I can tell you that there are very few 27-inch monitors that can compare with the screen on the iMac. Now do I need to talk about the processors, as most of the desktops in this comparison are either using dual core laptop processors or lowest end Pentium processor. Microsoft shouldn’t even put the iMac 27 on the same page as the other three desktops.

Yes there are low-end Windows desktops and laptops that are way cheaper than Mac systems, but Apple has never made lower-end systems. Everyone who thinks Apple is expensive, just go and try one of the Mac systems in an Apple Store, touch it, feel it and play with it, and then go and try a Windows system in Best Buy or any other shop. You will not only see the difference in design, quality and fit of the computer, but also in performance even for similarly spec’d Mac and Windows systems.