Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Include Screen Recording and YouTube Support

Submitted by lalit on April 27, 2009 - 4:53pm.

It is a known fact that Apple hasn’t announced or shown all the new features that will come in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. However, beta versions of Snow Leopard that Apple has released for developers to test have revealed few of those features. The new QuickTime X Player in Snow Leopard will receive many new features – including screen recording and YouTube support.

According to AppleInsider, people familiar with latest Snow Leopard beta have revealed that the file menu of the QuickTime X Player has a new option ‘Screen recording’. Though the new feature is not active yet, it will function like screen capture feature in present generation Mac OS X 10.5, but in place of pictures it will capture video of the Mac screen. 

QuickTime X player will also come with support to directly upload video to YouTube and MobileMe web services. QuickTime will let user upload any supported video file to the services. In case of YouTube the application will prompt user to enter their YouTube account information and it will take care of converting, optimizing and uploading the selected video file to YouTube. These services will be available via “Share” menu option in QuickTime X Player. The Share menu option will also allow exporting of video file for playback on iPhone, iPods and Apple TV.