HP Slate Initial Impression – Not Very Good

Submitted by lalit on April 19, 2010 - 6:35pm.

HP has been trying to hype-up their new tablet by releasing videos showing the HP Slate in action. But initial impressions of the tablet posted by Conecti.ca are not very good. The website got to test the new Slate for sometime and they say it faces same problems that all the other tablets have faced since introduction in 2001. Because a PC OS (Windows 7) is used on netbook components it has longer load time on startup and sluggish performance.

On the positive side it offers expansion ports like USB and HDMI, along with built-in camera. The screen is smaller but little brighter than iPad. However, HP Slate is not a competition to iPad, as it’s more like a netbook without a keyboard. Mauricio Pastrana concludes the preview by saying “The official verdict is “meh””. And adds that this version of HP Slate is far behind the iPad as a tablet.