Samsung Says Smartphones to Get Laptop Like Processing Power Next Year

Submitted by lalit on April 18, 2011 - 10:23pm.

MK News is reporting that Samsung is developing 2GHz dual core ARM based processor for smartphones, which will bring PC like performance to handheld devices. The new processor will give total data processing capacity of 4GHz with each core running at 2GHz.

"We are planning to release a 2Ghz dual core CPU-equipped smartphone by next year," said a high-ranking official from the company. "This product will have the data processing capacities of a regular PC."

The MK News article claims that the 2GHz dual core smartphone processor will match desktop performance, which is unlikely to happen. We don’t think ARM based processor will score 10,000 on GeekBench like Intel desktop processors do now, any time soon. But a smartphone processor that can come close to an ultraportable laptop will be a big achievement. Just imagine the kind of functionalities and speed such a processor will bring for lightweight mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.

Samsung plans to ship the 2GHz dual core ARM processor in 2012. Samsung is also considering plans to sell the new processor to other smartphone makers and not just use it in their own smartphone lineup.