Intel and Nissan Partner-Up for Atom based Car Infotainment System

Submitted by lalit on April 6, 2012 - 9:24am.

Intel Corporation announced today that the next-generation in-vehicle infotainment system (IVI) for select NISSAN Motor Company production vehicles will be powered by the Intel Atom processor beginning in 2013. The IVI system features a twin-display that was unveiled in the Infiniti LE, a luxury zero-emissions concept vehicle, at the New York International Auto Show today. Infiniti is the luxury vehicle brand of the NISSAN Motor Company.

"Technology and vehicles are integral components of everyday life and by combining the two, we can we achieve a truly connected, mobile lifestyle," said Ton Steenman, vice president of Intel's Intelligent Systems Group. "The processing power of the Intel Atom processor enables NISSAN to deliver information and entertainment to drivers and passengers simultaneously in a safe manner and opens the door to more enjoyable driving experiences."

The new IVI system focuses on several areas of exploration, including mobile device-to-vehicle fusion, cloud-based services for vehicles, and vehicle video surveillance via smartphones, as well as vehicle access and control via smartphones. For example, by using in-car connectivity and cameras and sensors already in the car, the car is able to notify the owner via smartphone when the vehicle is struck in a parking lot. Additionally, using near-field communications or a barcode to securely pair a smartphone with a car enables the smartphone to become a virtual key for remote keyless entry to the vehicle.

Most car companies have used ARM based systems for their in-vehicle infotainment and Intel’s entry in this sector is a clear indication that Intel is not only aiming for smartphone market with their energy efficient new Atom processors, but also for integrated system like car infotainment, both markets where ARM has been the ruler for past decade. Check out Intel’s VP of Intelligent Systems, Ton Steenman’s interview with WSJ where he talks in detail about this new venture.