New MacBook Pros will be Thinner, Lighter and Way Faster Than Current Crop

Submitted by lalit on April 3, 2012 - 1:41pm.

For past few weeks, Apple rumor mill has been spinning at full speed with MacBook Pro rumors. The latest rumor is that Apple will start manufacturing the new 15-inch MacBook Pro this month with about 200,000 units ready for launch by end of April. Most of the MacBook Pro rumors have been about the new MacBook Air inspired thinner design with very little information about other features. We have been hearing many details about the new MacBook Pro design and specifications from our reliable sources. And here are some of those rumors/details:

Thinner and Lighter: Everyone has been talking about slimmer profile of the new MacBook Pro, but our sources say that users will be pleasantly surprised with how light the new MacBook will be. The 15-inch model will be lighter than 5 pounds (one source even says that it will be around 4 pounds) and less than 0.8-inch at its thickest.

Quad Core Processor: Some rumors have suggested that the new 15-inch Pro will use lower voltage dual core processor because it will have thinner profile, but they are wrong. Apple will use the latest quad core Ivy Bridge processors from Intel. They will use the new 2.6GHz Core i7-3720QM and 2.7GHz Core i7-3820QM processors that have 45 watt TDP.

Dedicated NVIDIA Graphics: The 15-inch MacBook Pro will use the new GeForce 6xxM series graphics chips, which are made using 28nm process technology. The new chips are more power efficient and will help Apple to go for the thinner profile.

Higher Resolution Display: We have been hearing that Apple will double the resolution on the new MacBook Pro like they did with the iPad, but our sources weren’t able to confirm that. However, they did say that Apple is definitely going for more than full HD (1080p) with a 1920 x 1200 screen on 15-inch model.

Yes, the new MacBook Pro won’t be as thin as or lighter than recently announced Samsung Series 9 15-inch laptop, but it will be a full-fledged Pro laptop with quad-core processor and dedicated graphics chip and not an ultrabook with low voltage processor like the Series 9.

Apple will be able to fit the higher TDP quad core processor and dedicated graphics chip in such a thin profile by removing the optical drive, creating more space for better cooling. And because of the quad core Ivy Bridge processor and Geforce 6xxM series graphics chip the new 15-inch MacBook Pro would be the most powerful Mac laptop ever with at least 30% jump in CPU related performance and over 50% jump in GPU related performance.