ChangeWave Survey: User Satisfaction with The New iPad is Even Higher Than Previous iPad Ratings

Submitted by lalit on April 2, 2012 - 11:35am.

ChangeWave surveyed 200 new iPad owners to find out overall satisfaction, key likes and dislikes, and impact of none existent heat issue. As you can see in the graph above new iPad users had higher satisfaction rating than previous iPad model with 82% owners saying that they were very satisfied with the new iPad compared with 74% with previous model, which was industry leader in tablet satisfaction for past 12 months till February 2012. Overall, 98% of new iPad owners were satisfied (very satisfied + somewhat satisfied) with their new tablet.

When asked about what users liked about the new iPad, overwhelming response was that 75% users liked the new high resolution Retina display followed by 22% for long battery life and 21% for 4G LTE capability. Users cited the Cost of the Device (26%) and the Cost of the Wireless Data Plan (23%) as their two biggest gripes, when asked about their dislikes.

When it came to much over hyped heat issue, over 89% said they haven’t experienced any problem and not a single user said it was a big problem. You can check out the complete survey report on ChangeWave’s website where they talk in detail about all the likes and dislikes.