Apple Plans to Ship Two Distinct iPhone Models Soon

Submitted by lalit on April 1, 2009 - 12:12pm.

Lazard Capital Markets Analyst Daniel Amir wrote in his research note “Our checks confirm that two versions of iPhones will be introduced this year. Production of the new phones should start at beginning of April and will ramp in May.” He further added that both models would likely be introduced in June 2009.

The analyst believes that Apple will have one high-end model and one low-end model. However, the two phones will be aimed at different regions. The higher-end model will be sold in North America and Europe, whereas low-end model will ship in Brazil, Russia, India and China.

AppleInsider notes, “Assuming there’s some truth to Amir’s report, it could possibly explain why references to two distinct iPhone models were recently uncovered in the first external beta of iPhone software 3.0, namely “iPhone2,1” and “iPhone3,1”.” Previous generation iPhone models were identified by “iPhone1,1” for first generation iPhone and “iPhone1,2” for second generation iPhone 3G.

More rumors/information are pointing towards Apple’s plan to announce two different iPhone models this summer. Our sources say that it’s very likely that Apple will have two different models available in all the regions rather than higher-end model for North America and Europe and lower-end model for Russia, India and China.