HP Demos Flexible Rollable Display

Submitted by lalit on March 21, 2010 - 3:19pm.

Now that the OLED display technology has started to slowly go mainstream the next frontier in display technology is flexible displays. HP and Arizona State University have previously shows flexible displays based on e-ink technology that can slightly bend, but the company is now showing displays that can be rolled completely. The video below shows flexible rollable display, which can be rolled up about half a dozen of times before the material is damaged. Yes the display isn’t capable of handling regular use yet, but it’s a step in right direction.

There was no mention of what display technology either OLED or E-Ink HP was using for development of flexible display. However, from the look of the display foil it seems HP is going with OLED technology, which will be better for future use.
[Via Hardware.Info]