Marvell Introduces $99 ‘Moby’ Tablet Platform

Submitted by lalit on March 19, 2010 - 2:44pm.

Marvell has announced a new education initiative to deliver a high performance tablet codenamed Moby based on Armada chipset. For $99, Moby tablet prototype promises to offer an always on, high performance multimedia tablet featuring live, real-time content, 1080p full-HD and 3D media, and full Flash support. According to Marvell, Moby tablet could in future eliminate the need for students to buy and carry textbooks.

Marvell Moby tablet is powered by Armada 600 series of application processors with up to 1GHz processor speed and it will support hardware encoding and decoding of 1080p video, intelligent power management, WiFi, Bluetooth, FM, GPS and 3D graphics. Marvell says the Moby tablet will support multiple software standards including Adobe Flash, Android and Windows Mobile. The tablet will also offer longer battery life as it is based on ARM processor architecture. 

No word yet on when actual products based on Moby tablet prototype will ship, but Marvell hopes that its manufacturing partners should introduce tablet based on Moby platform in second half of 2010.
[Via Marvell]