THX Steerable Line Array Speaker Technology Coming to Home Theater Systems by End of This Year

Submitted by lalit on March 18, 2011 - 7:03pm.

THX showcased their new Steerable Line Array technology at CES 2011. The innovative new concept speaker array enabled creation of larger or multiple listening sweet spots in a room (check out the videos below). The concept prototype that THX showed at CES was capable of 96 discrete channels, which can be steered dynamically creating perfect acoustic environments for all listeners.

The single 80-inch Line Array used 60 metal dome tweeters and 32 3.5-inch drivers, with each tweeter and woofer connected to its own dedicated 100-watt analog amplifier. THX designed the extremely thin amps to run cool and the total size of 24-channel amp was just 8-inch x 20-inch. According to THX, the analog amplifier delivers traditional audiophile quality while meeting the modern requirements for the highest energy efficiency. The THX Steerable Line Array technology uses digital signal processing (DSP) to direct multiple beams of sound to any part of the room, providing the best sound wherever you choose to sit. All the sound comes from a long, narrow slot.

The best part about the new Steerable Line Array technology is that it can be made smaller without losing sound quality to meet various listener needs. THX says, “The sound system can be made so unobtrusive that it can disappear, leaving only the music.

At CES 2011, everyone who saw the new concept speakers in action was blow away by both precious of the sweet spots and overall audio quality. Many journalists called the concept technology “speaker of the future”. THX is now working with various home theater makers and TV makers to bring this technology to consumers. It is believed that products based on Steerable Line Array speaker technology should come to the market by end of this year or early next year. It will be interesting so see how these speakers perform in real life.