Rumor: iPhone 5 to Get Dual Core A5 Processor, Bigger Screen and RFID

Submitted by lalit on March 18, 2011 - 11:51am.

9to5mac is reporting that a reliable source from Foxconn has provided them with some new information about upcoming iPhone 5. The next generation iPhone will see two important design changes even though overall design will be very similar to current iPhone 4. Apple will increase the screen size and change the casing material.

iPhone 5 will have a metal back casing replacing the glass back on current iPhone. It will have a flat metal back, but what metal Apple will use is not yet known (aluminum or Liquid Metal). As for the bigger screen, rumors are Apple will use 4-inch screen in place of the 3.5-inch screen on current iPhone. According to 9to5mac, iPhone 5 will maintain similar size and shape as the iPhone 4, even though the screen will be bigger. Apple will be using edge-to-edge screen to achieve this.

Like the iPad 2, iPhone 5 will also be using dual-core A5 chip offering faster performance and better battery life. The 9to5mac’s source also noted, “iPhone 5 has already been seen at Foxconn and is soon going into the normal mass production stages.” This indicates that iPhone 5 is in final stage of testing before going in full production.

In another iPhone 5 related rumor, Cult of Mac is reporting that Apple is definitely testing iPhone prototype with near field communications (NFC) technology. However, they have no information about when Apple will actually introduce the RFID based technology in the iPhone. As it has been reported before Cult of Mac also believes that Apple will use the NFC technology with a twist. They wrote:

Apple is working out the kinks in an ambitious remote computing system — and a key component utilizes the recently launched Mac App Store. As we previously reported, Apple is working on a system that allows users to log into another computer using an NFC-equipped iPhone. The iPhone pairs with the host machine, and loads the user’s files and settings over the net. It’s as though the user is sitting at their own machine at home.

Our sources say that iPhone 5 is definitely in final prototype stages. But they added that this time around iPhone hardware won’t be the real star of the show. It will be the software iOS 5, which no one is talking about. Yes the new iPhone will have dual core A5 processor and some other hardware improvements. However, it will be nothing compared to new features iOS 5 will bring to the table. Apple is doing some major tweaks to iOS user interface and will be adding new features that will make the whole iOS device ecosystem more cohesive.