Google Jumping Into TV Business

Submitted by lalit on March 17, 2010 - 11:23pm.

NY Times is reporting that Google has teamed up with Intel and Sony to develop new Google TV platform to bring the web into the living room of consumers via next generation of televisions and set-top boxes. Google TV will make it as easy for TV users to navigate Web applications like Twitter and Picasa, as it is to change channel. The platform will be based on Android operating system and Google intends to open the Google TV platform once it is launched.

Google TV platform will run on Intel’s Atom processors. Google has already built a prototype set-top box and has begun testing it with Dish Network. However, Sony might incorporate the Google TV directly into the TV and other devices like Blu-ray players by directly integrating Atom processor in those devices. The platform will provide consumers new web friendly interface using a version of Google Chrome web browser for surfing websites like YouTube and Hulu.

Logitech has also joined the effort and will design peripheral devices like remote and keyboard for Google TV platform. All four companies have declined to comment about the news, but all of them are hiring software engineers with experience in application development for Android OS.