Apple Adds Several Enhancements to for Use with Mobile Devices

Submitted by lalit on March 17, 2010 - 7:03pm.

Apple announced today that they have made several enhancements to, which will improve document sharing and access of the online service from iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. MacRumors has listed the major enhancements to the iWork that include:

  • Share documents on websites and social networks: allows you to share a document by creating a public link. Use the link to share your document with large groups or on websites and social networks. There’s no need to set a password or send an invitation. Anyone with the public link can view your document but cannot add comments or notes.
  • Improved Shared Documents page: Download documents shared on without leaving the Shared Document page. You can also track the number of views your publicly shared documents receive.
  • Refined user interface: A redesigned Sign In and Shard Documents page for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch makes it easy to access your documents while on the go. The new interface and improved scrolling help you find your shared documents faster. Visit from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to view your shared documents.