New Details About Various iPad Features Revealed After Start of Pre-orders

Submitted by lalit on March 15, 2010 - 8:42am.

Apple has posted new information about iWork, iBook, 3G service and hardware features of iPad after they started taking pre-orders for the new tablet. The iWork for iPad will be available for download from App Store starting on April 3, priced $9.99 for each application. Apple will release completely reworked version of Keynote, Pages and Numbers for iPad that will support Multitouch.

The presentation app Keynote will have 12 Apple designed themes, along with features like Tap to add, Tap and drag, animations and effects for photos, charts, tables and more. Pages on iPad will have 16 templates, easy layout tools and support for Microsoft Word files. The keyboard in pages will track what you type, so it can suggest words, correct spelling, and insert punctuation for you automatically. The spreadsheet app Numbers will support Multitouch for creating tables and charts, adding photos and graphics, and enter and edit data. It will have features like Tap to add, smart keyboard and support for Microsoft Excel. You can get more information about these applications on Apple website.

Apple has also posted more information about the iBooks application, which will be available on App Store starting April 3rd. iBooks will support open ePub standard allowing uses to import ePub content via iTunes. The application will have single page portrait mode and double page landscape mode. It will come with built-in dictionary and Wikipedia support, and offer VoiceOver functionality allowing content to be read aloud. On launch, iBook will be US only feature, but Apple is working to bring the application to other countries.

Along with information about various applications, Apple has also posted information about how to sign up, monitor and manage no-contract 3G service on your iPad. As announced before two 3G data plans are available 250MB of data per month for $14.99 and unlimited data per month for $29.99. Sign up is as simple as selecting the data plan and entering your billing information. The account overview for 3G service will show data usage, billing period and offer option of changing data plans. iPad with 3G support will ship by end of April.

On the hardware side, Apple has made some minor last-minute hardware change to the iPad by replacing the mute button with a screen rotation lock. The button will now allow users to lock  the display in portrait or landscape mode, so that the screen orientation doesn’t change when they move the device while using it.