Over 80% of Future Tablet Buyers Want Apple iPad

Submitted by lalit on March 11, 2011 - 12:45pm.

In a survey done by ChangeWave, 3,091 consumers revealed their future tablet buying plans, customer satisfaction and tablet cannibalizing other electronic devices. ChangeWave found that tablet demand is on rise and more than one out of four respondents (27%) were planning to buy a tablet in future. When asked what tablet they were planning to get, 82% of those respondents said Apple iPad. Only 4% planned on buying Motorola Xoom, 3% wanted RIM Playbook and 3% had plans for Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The worst part was that in people how already own a tablet 95% were satisfied with their iPad (70% very satisfied and 25% somewhat satisfied), leaving very little room for other tablets to make a move to capture mind and market share. Also, Apple will start shipping iPad 2 today, which many reviewers are saying is the best laptop available. And reviews of Motorola Xoom haven’t been very positive with many reviewers calling the tablet incomplete especially when it comes to software.

ChangeWave also asked current Tablet owners whether they were originally planning to buy any other electronic device, but had to put on hold or cancel to purchase a tablet. To find which device sales were cannibalized by tablet sales. Amazon Kindle was worst affected as 17% of respondents choose tablet over Kindle, followed by Laptop with 11% and netbook with 10%. Overall, eReaders sales saw highest cannibalization by tablet, as 26% of respondents decided to go for a tablet like iPad in place of an eReader.

This survey was done in February before iPad 2 was announced. And, today is the highly anticipated iPad 2 launch, which many analysts believe will increase Apple’s grip on tablet market as well as increase the tablet market itself. The ChangeWave survey shows that other tablet makers will have to fight very hard to get some footing in the tablet market and eReaders will become a niche product, a very small niche.