Canon Plans to Adopt Thunderbolt I/O Technology

Submitted by lalit on March 10, 2011 - 9:41pm.

Canon, the leading camera maker today announced that they would adopt Thunderbolt I/O technology in their upcoming high-end cameras. Hiroo Edakubo, Group Executive of Canon’s Video Products Group stated, "We are excited about Thunderbolt technology and feel it will bring new levels of performance and simplicity to the video creation market."

Intel developed Thunderbolt technology, which can transfer 10Gbps data two ways simultaneously in collaboration with Apple. Making it perfect for use in high definition and 3D video transfer from camcorders to computers for real time processing.

Canon didn’t say when cameras or camcorders using Thunderbolt technology would come to the market. But we believe professional camcorders from canon featuring Thunderbolt port will come by second half of 2011.