Sony Unveils XB-Series Headphones

Submitted by lalit on February 9, 2009 - 7:07pm.

Sony today unveiled five new XB “eXtra Bass” series headphones designed to create a heavy club vibe with rich, powerful bass, while reproducing crystal-clear midrange vocals and high frequency sounds. Three of the headphones are over-the-ear style and two are in-ear style with brushed metal accents.
The top of the line MDR-XB700 is a premium over-the-ear headphone with extra-large 50mm dome type driver optimized for bass. Along with XB700, XB500 and XB300 are the other two over-the-ear headphones. All three have king-sized ear cushion made with synthetic leather for extra comfort.
The two in-ear headphones MDR-XB40EX and MDR-XB20EX are designed to deliver seismic bass via ‘direct vibe’ acoustic design that minimizes sound spillage. The XB40EX features innovative vertical driver orientation delivering clear, powerful audio with extended bass without compromising listening comfort.
The XB series headphones will ship in March 2009 and Sony hasn’t announced the pricing for the headphones.
[Via SlashGear]