Fujitsu Working on Android Platform For Multiple Devices

Submitted by lalit on January 30, 2009 - 8:04pm.

Fujitsu has started a new initiative called “Service Built for Android” that will focus on home electronics based on Google Android platform. Through the new program Fujitsu will offer consulting, engineering and other expertise to its partners for running devices based on the open-source Android platform. The company is planning to use the platform in various devices like cellphones, portable media player, GPS devices, set-top boxes and netbook like PCs.  Fujitsu says this will speedup development for Android based devices, helping them get to market sooner.
Companies like Freescale have already joined Fujitsu in Service Built for Android to provide support for its i.MX processors that are used in portable media players. This collaboration would speedup development of user interfaces and services based on Android platform.
This new development will be a big blow to Microsoft, as Fujitsu has been using Microsoft’s Windows CE and Windows Mobile platform in its various devices. Microsoft has been trying to penetrate the portable media player and cellphone market for many years. But Apple’s iPod has been the winner in portable media player, and now iPhone and Google Android is taking away the small smartphone market share that Microsoft had.
The development of Windows platform for portable devices has been really slow, it been two years since iPhone was launched and Microsoft still doesn’t have a answer for the Mac OS X platform.  This is forcing Microsoft’s partners to look for alternatives, the open source and free Google Android is becoming a very good alternative for companies like Fujitsu.