Apple Working on Next Gen iPhone Model

Submitted by lalit on January 29, 2009 - 9:40pm.

Code Strings in Apple’s latest iPhone Firmware have revealed that Apple already has a working version of next generation iPhone. MacRumors has discovered and posted the portion of code on their website (shown above) that is designated as “iPhone2,1”.
According to MacRumors, the first generation iPhone that was released in 2007 had “iPhone 1,1” label, whereas the iPhone 3G has “iPhone 1,2” label indicating a minor hardware revision.  The use of 2,1 in the label implies that the next generation iPhone will see major hardware revision. The same thing happened with iPod touch, first generation was labeled “iPod1,1”, but the second generation that got first processor, speaker, microphone and volume control was labeled “iPod2,1”.
Additionally, Pinchmedia has released more information about iPhone 2,1.

  • The first time an application using Pinch Analytics was run by an iPhone2,1 device occurred back in early October 2008
  • Application using Pinch Analytics were run by iPhone 2,1 devices very sporadically until mid-December 2008, when the pace picked up slightly
  • To date, a few dozen distinct iPhone 2,1 devices have run almost two dozen different applications using Pinch Analytics
  • When iPhone 2,1 devices run applications using Pinch Analytics’ optional geolocation tracking, they’re almost exclusively located in the south San Francisco bay Area
  • While most of the sessions have been made from WiFi connections, there’s been a few connections over AT&T’s network, so presumably this device handles both
  • The applications that have been run by Pinch Analytics don’t share much in common, except for their size – they’re among the larger applications to use our stuff, with hundreds of thousands to millions of unique users.

The above information is consistent with the details our sources have told us about the next generation iPhone. According to our sources, Apple has been working with various iPhone prototypes since launch of iPhone 3G and only recently they have decided the final hardware for the upcoming iPhone. It is very likely that we will see the next gen iPhone in summer of 2009.